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A Zener or Diode Tester

An excellent measuring instrument to test a zener diode if it is defective or not on a run.
With Zener Tester you can identify whether a diode is in the correct voltage switching even work if it is open, shorted or leaky.
discovered in short supply lines, circuits and leakage current remains common in switching power supplies.
The best is that tests all the diodes on the same  circuit.
It is applicable for testing diodes in general and including the LEDs and displays seven segments,
The germanium diode switches at 0.3 Vdc to 0.7 Vdc in Silicon Zeners and the working voltage according to your specification. 
zener tester schematic
Schematic Diagram of Zener Tester Meter

Tell a winding transformer with primary and secondary 110 V 130 V in less hardware and at the lowest possible ampere. Between 30 and 50 ma is ideal.
R1 may be an R between 33k to 68k for 1 / 2 W
C1 and C2 ceramic capacitor between 22K and 33K for 400v insulation.
The Voltmeter: You can use an analog multimeter, but with a Digital is much easier to visualize the voltage switching diodes in general.

If the Zener under test heat in during the measurement that the transformer is its Zener Meter with milli ampere high. Then use the higher R1 and capacitors of smaller value.
If your transformer to be very low milli ampere can not switch the Zeners higher value. In this case, use the lower value resistors and capacitors of greater value.

See the approximate size of Trafo, compared with a matchbox common: 

You’ll be able to perfect putting the finishing circuit in a box
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